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Joy Meyer, RN MS

Joy has practiced and taught this material for 35 years as a psychiatric nurse, coach, Reiki Master and metaphysical minister. She knows these tools work—she has used them in crisis herself. Her story will amaze and inspire you.

Are you ready for relief from stress?

We live in a time when we are being bombarded with crises, chaos and stress at a level never seen before—in the world and in our own lives too. It takes a toll on our bodies and our peace of mind. More and more we look to find ways to relax, to refresh and rejuvenate ourselves so that we can be and do all that we desire.

The key to finding this place of “calm in the center of the storm” is to be connected with the Divine flow—the energy, the Source of all that is which lies at the center of your Being.

Relaxing into the Divine Workshop

Learn 3 easy tools to relax your body and shift your mood instantly!

How would it feel to be able to shift out of upset into love in 5 minutes or less!

Wouldn’t you like to know a simple way to relax your body instantly?

Relaxing into the Divine gives you simple but powerful tools you can use to deal with the challenges life hands you from a centered place of trusting your connection with the Divine.

The benefits you will receive from this course are:

Connecting with the Divine in You
   with fabulous self care

This one day workshop will show you how to take care of yourself first. It is not selfish, it is essential. To borrow an analogy from in-flight safety, "put your own oxygen mask on first before assisting your children." If you are starving for air, for lack of self care, you can't help others. If you are waging war on yourself through self neglect or self punishment, you can't be a force for peace.

The benefits you will receive from this course are: